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"One of the biggest reasons Jacob and BSP are different than others is their ability to teach you how to move more efficiently in the weight-room, which directly translates to on-field performance. Learning to move properly has helped me tremendously. His ability to help develop pitches through video and technology and help you understand the reasoning and numbers behind each one is second to none."

Trysten Barlow

Colorado Rockies

"Jacob and BSP have played a huge part in Jack's development and have helped him get an opportunity to play at the next level beyond high-school. Jack has gotten noticeably stronger and has increased his pitching velo +5 mph in 4 months on a strength training & pitching development program. He has also been a huge help to Jack for the mental aspect of the game, as well as through the recruiting process with his advice. BSP is, without a doubt, the best training program Jack has been on and we as parents would highly recommend it to anyone without hesitation"

Trey Williamson

Father of BSP Athlete, Jack Williamson

"BASE has completely changed the way I think about the game of baseball. They are extremely good at helping you understand how to translate movements from the weight-room to the field, especially on the mound. BASE is able to provide the same type of training, or better, that professional baseball players would be getting in-season with their organization. I have been working both in-person and remotely and if not for Jacob and BASE, I would still be struggling to find myself as a pitcher."

Keegan James

Colorado Rockies

"After the first 2 months of working with Jacob at BSP, my strength and movement quality increased 10x what it was previously, my velocity jumped +7mph, and my mechanics are the cleanest they've ever been. If it wasn't for BSP, I wouldn't be even remotely close to where I am today."

Hudson Ross
Walters State

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