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Program Options

Strength + Throwing



      (4x weekly = 16 sessions/4wk)


 -(2x weekly = 8 sessions/4wk)

       (Choice of M&OR T&TH)


High School: Ages 15-18

Middle School: Ages 11-14

Strength & Speed Programs (All Sports)


      (4x weekly = 16 sessions/4wk)


  -(2x weekly = 8 sessions/4wk)

       (Choice of M&W OR T&TH)


 High School: Ages 15-18

 Middle School: Ages 11-14

2023 College Summer Programs

(May 22nd - August 11th)

    - Strength & Conditioning (All Sports)


     - Weekly LIVE AT BATS using Trackman for Live Feedback 

     (E-mail to save your spot!)

Adult Functional Training Group

       Strength. Stability. Cardio.

Look Better. Feel Better. Move Better.

                 Ages 30-65

   -3x weekly

   -2x weekly

       (7am, 8am, 5:15pm *select   days*)

School & Team Partnership Options:

    -Strength & Conditioning, 

Speed & Agility, Power  Development

     -Throwing Programs, Arm-   Care Programs

     -Collegiate, High-School,   Middle School, Youth, Travel   Organization Options

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